RetroShop is a company that started with a spark of interest in automotive lighting.......way back in 2008. Jeremy McFail (RetroShop's founder) purchased his first Ram truck, a 2008 Big Horn - and quickly learned that the lighting on these Rams are horrible!! Throughout his 2 years owning that truck, many products where tested, and eventually - a full projector retrofit with HIDs where added to it, finally giving Jeremy the output he desired! In 2010, Jeremy purchased a 2010 Ram - and since he already had the lighting bug.....those lights had to go as well! He retrofitted a set of lights for that truck, and many of his forum friends reached out to him to have him work on their lights. In September 2010, RetroShop was born! Since then, RetroShop has grown from a "side gig" - doing a set of lights each week in his wife's oven and working in the kitchen / basement, to now being in a full service shop (with our own in house paint facility) with 2 employees.

RetroShop performs custom lighting modification, from mild (paint) to wild (HID projector retrofitting, paint, halos - you name it!). Each custom light is built to order to YOUR specifications. We also tint / color match tail lights / 3rd brake lights. Got an idea? Contact us and I'm sure we can figure out how to get your lights exactly the way you want them!

Jeremy McFail / Owner RetroShop LLC