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Shipping address:

RetroShop LLC
120 Fox Hill Rd
St Charles MO 63301


Important Shipping Information

1) Include all rubber boots that go around the bulb openings in the rear of the head lamps.  These will be used to ensure a good seal around the plug, bulb, or socket. If you do not have these caps, you risk having debris and possibly condensation inside the lights if water gets inside.
2) Include all bulbs whenever possible to seal the lamps for return shipping.
3) Protect the outer lenses of the housings; never let them rub on the bottom of the box, Believe it or not cardboard will scratch them. Best bet is to wrap the lights in plastic wrap or put a garbage bag around them to keep dirt off them.
3) We highly recommend using bubble wrap going around each housing at least twice and still padding the box very, very well.
4) Pad the tabs if needed. The mounting tabs and corners are the things that will break if not padded, especially tabs protruding from corners.
Rules of thumb:
a) if the housings can move in the box then it could break
b) if a tab is touching the side of the box it can break off
c) if part of the light is touching the side of the box, the conversion can be damaged
5) Once placed into your box, bolster the area between the housings and the box walls with smaller boxes, folded boxes/triangles of cardboard, or broken up Styrofoam. This will prevent any box crushing from touching the lamps inside. Do not rely solely on packing “peanuts” to protect the housings, they will settle during shipment and leave the lamps vulnerable.
6) Shipping the lights, you are more than welcome to use the shipping company you prefer.  We have also worked with our friends at ShipNerd if you don't have a preferred shipper.  You can use their website and get great rates on shipping, using our discount code. Just head over to - and use the password (all caps):RETROSHOP   In most cases we encourage you to place at least $1000 insurance on your housings when sending them to us. This ensures ample coverage should the worst ever happen.  (please ensure for the replacement value of your lights)


*Remember, you are responsible for the way the lights are protected during transit.