RetroShop 2019+ Ram 1500 Halogen to LED Headlight Adapter Install Guide

What you'll need - Headlight(s), RetroShop adapter, dielectric grease, trim removal tools, 8mm & 10mm socket. Drill optional.

Headlight removal on the 2019+ Rams can be a bit tricky! Estimate about 90-120 minutes for this swap.

To remove the headlights, first of all, pop the hood and disconnect the vehicle's negative battery cable using a 10mm wrench or socket.

Remove the radiator cover, using a trim removal tool to remove 12 push pin fasteners.

Next, remove the header panel (12 bolts, 2 push pins):

Next, remove the fender liner (or at least loosen, pull back).

Locate the screw that holds the fascia on, and remove it:

Remove the fascia. Using a trim stick, you can guide the stick between the fascia and the clip, which allows for easy release of the tab holding the fascia to the clip:

Fascias removed:

Remove the grill, and headlights. Grill has 10 bolts, 4 along the upper, and 3 per outer lower on each side. Headlights have 3 bolts, one on the side (under where fascia was), and 2 along the top.

Zip tie the adapter to the brace behind the headlights:

Harness installation

Remove F35 fuse (15a):

Install in the fuse tap (VERY IMPORTANT!! If you do not reinstall the fuse, the truck will not start!):

Reinstall fuse tap to F35:

Install red wired power link to first post on fuse box:

Position wires, tuck them neatly along the side of the fuse box:

Run power lead to other side of the truck, along the radiator support. Leave loose for now, after all wires are plugged in, go back and secure wires, tightening slack, etc:

Apply dielectric grease to each of the connectors:

Plug in 2 connectors per side, power leads & Halogen mating plug:

 Plug in headlights:

Bolt in headlights, and test function:

DRL will come on when the truck is running (or key on run):

Parking lights, fogs on as well:

Turn signals:

Low beam:

High beam:

Route wiring, and back trace your steps to install the grill, fascias, header panel fender liners and radiator cover.

Install is now complete: