Looking for your chance to win a custom set of headlights and help support the American Red Cross?  A portion of every ticket sale will go to the American Red Cross! I'd love to do a blood drive, but on a national site (with sales based on forums) - thats kinda tough! So, next best thing, lets raffle off a set of lights with the proceeds going to a great cause!
0212353's Retro Shop is doing a raffle!  Here's the details!

Ticket Cost - $20  -  Purchase 1 or 100!  Each purchase puts another ticket in the drawing for you!
Raffle Dates - Now through October 31st, 2011
Drawing Date - November 1st, 2011

Already have a set of headlights from me?  No problem!  Enter in the raffle and I'll refund your set!  (based on the tiers below)

We have FAR surpassed the original assumptions of this raffle!  THANK YOU for that!


Each winner will receive the following!!! 
- New Aftermarket Headlight Housings
- Custom painted in any OEM color you'd like!
- Morimoto Mini H1 Projectors
- Your choice of shrouds (4th Gen Quads limited to mini gatlings as they are the only shroud that will fit)
- 55W Digital Retro-Solutions HID Kit (Headlights) - Your choice of 4300K, 5K, 6K or 8K
- 55W Digital Retro-Solutions HID Kit (Fog Lights) - Bulbs capped - Your choice of 4300K, 5K, 6K or 8K
- Labor - disassembly of the light, retrofitting and resealing the light
- Shipping to the US or Canada!
- 1 Case (12 Cans) of
Fukken Wax


David Keuchle and Robert Fox - CONGRATULATIONS!!

Total Tickets - 205!  We had 73 participants who donated to the American Red Cross.  Amazing!!  The total donation to the American Red Cross will be over $2,000!  Looking forward to the next raffle!  Thank you ALL!

- Jeremy McFail
0212353's Retro Shop